How Much Crypto Does Donald Trump Have? (2024 Updated)

November 27, 2023



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    Cover image stating 'Trump's Crypto Holding' and showing an AI generated picture of Donald Trump.


    Donald Trump currently holds $1.65 million worth of crypto, of which >90% is held in ETH and WETH, according to his probable wallet attribution. These holdings are proceeds from NFT sales, not from active investing. The former President of the United States received around half of his holdings from his 2 sales of Trump Digital Trading Cards, which bagged him 867.5 ETH split over these 2 collections. Thanks to the royalties he receives from subsequent sales of NFTs from these collections, Trump continues to earn 4.23% from any sales of these NFTs when they’re sold from NFT marketplaces like OpenSea - and receives this in WETH on Polygon.

    In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Trump’s holdings, his & his wife’s activities in the NFT space, and his evolving opinions on the ecosystem.

    Note: Donald Trump's Crypto holdings are constantly changing, due to fluctuations in his portfolio value & gains/sales of tokens. Stay up to date with his holdings by tracking his profile on Arkham.

    Arkham platform screenshot showing Donald Trump's holdings.


    • Donald Trump owns approximately $1.65M in crypto, the vast majority of which appears to have been obtained from minting and royalty fees from the TrumpCards NFT Project.
    • Trump licensed his likeness to NFT INT LLC, which produces ‘TrumpCards’. As part of the license agreement, Donald Trump receives 4.23% of resale royalties in perpetuity.
    • Trump has received many different memecoins sent to his wallet since this attribution went public, most notable of which being the token “TRUMP” - his holdings of which are currently worth $143K.
    • Trump’s wife Melania launched a handful of NFT collections from 2021 onward.


    Donald Trump’s known crypto holdings are presently around $1.65 million.

    Trump’s first disclosure of his crypto holdings was made on 14th April 2023. He disclosed an “Ethereum Wallet” that held 250,001-500,000 in crypto-assets and “Income License Fees” from the company NFT INT LLC amounting to $297,839.

    Screenshot of Trump's financial disclosure stating his cryptocurrency holdings.s

    Trump then filed a second financial report mentioning crypto-assets on August 9th, 2023. This mentions a ‘cryptocurrency wallet’ containing 2,806,341 USD of cryptoassets, obtained from Licensing Fees paid by NFT INT LLC. This represents Trump’s past and ongoing earnings from royalty and mint fees paid by holders of TRUMPCARDS.

    On August 16, 2023 Arkham identified the likely location of Donald Trump’s wallet address. In a tweet thread, the specific wallet - 0x94845333028B1204Fbe14E1278Fd4Adde46B22ce - is matched to amounts stated in Donald Trump’s financial disclosures - approved 2 days prior. 

    On December 27, 2023 Arkham subsequently reported that Trump had sold a large amount of his ETH holdings, bagging $2.4M for selling 1075 ETH. This brought down his portfolio size by 60%, from $4M at peak.


    Trump primarily holds ETH on Ethereum, but also holds other assets, including WETH. He also holds over $143K worth of a token called TRUMP, as well as some MATIC & other smaller amounts of tokens sent to his wallet by various crypto users. For a full breakdown of Trump’s up to date holdings, see his entity page on Arkham.

    Trump has inadvertently gained approximately $143K on the token named after him (TRUMP), that was sent to his wallet in October 2023. Following Arkham’s publication of Trump’s likely wallet address, several people sent him meme or spam tokens. This is frequently done for humor, advertising purposes, or to give others the (false) impression that a prominent public figure is invested in some specific token. Some of these are listed below e.g. SPX & MOG.

    Close up screenshot of Trump's portfolio on Arkham.

    Below, we can see the change in Trump’s portfolio holdings between early and late October - affected by a rise in the price of WETH & a gain in the TRUMP memecoin sent to his wallet:

    Portfolio archive showing the change in Trump's holdings over time on Arkham.


    An OpenSea screenshot of 5 NFTs from Donald Trump's NFT collection.

    Trump’s Digital Trading Card NFTs were minted on the Polygon blockchain and sold out in less than a day after their release. Each card features moments from Trump's presidency rendered as digital art. This was Donald Trump’s first foray into the NFT space - buyers had the opportunity to win a dinner with the President at his Mar-a-Lago resort, a Zoom call with him, additional cards, among other prizes.

    Following their launch last December, the NFTs witnessed a boom in sales, further amplified by a state court's initial prosecution in New York. However, this momentum was short-lived. The introduction of Series 2 in April, priced at $99 each, marked a turning point. This second batch featured different rarities, some being unique one-of-ones or limited editions. The release of this series triggered a decline in the value of the original NFT collection. Series 2 came with other perks for buyers e.g. a dinner with Trump on purchasing 47 cards, as well as 100 additional cards for anyone purchasing 100.

    Screenshot of the volume & average price change over time for Trump Digital Trading Cards (Series 1) from OpenSea.


    To purchase these NFTs, interested buyers had to visit Collect Trump Cards on the release date, December 15, 2022. The process was straightforward: mint the desired quantity of NFTs and choose a payment method, with options to pay via fiat or crypto (WETH). However, given that they are now sold out, secondary markets like OpenSea are the only option for those still seeking to acquire these NFTs.

    An OpenSea screenshot of 5 NFTs from Donald Trump's second NFT collection.


    Melania Trump, the former First Lady, made her debut in NFTs in December 2021. She initially launched “Melania’s Vision” - a piece crafted by the fashion artist Marc-Antoine Coulon, released on Solana. This was reportedly intended to contribute to her “Be Best” charitable initiative & was priced at 1 SOL. Later, she launched other projects including: Head Of State, Women's History Month Collection and The MetaRose. Another of her collectibles was titled 'Man on the Moon', showcasing the Apollo 11 moon landing and priced at $75 per NFT.

    Melania Trump's Man on the Moon NFT.


    Trump has been vocal about his stance on cryptocurrencies. In a 2021 interview with Fox Business, the former US President expressed his skepticism, labeling Bitcoin as a "scam" that competes against the US dollar. "I don't like it because it's another currency competing against the dollar," Trump remarked, emphasizing his desire for the dollar to remain "the currency of the world." These comments were noteworthy given the backdrop of El Salvador's move to legalize Bitcoin as legal tender.

    This was not a one off remark. In a separate interview with Fox News in late 2021, he warned of the potential dangers of cryptocurrencies, suggesting a looming explosion that could eclipse the tech booms of the past. Nonetheless, his substantial holdings in Ethereum and other tokens & his various NFT projects would suggest a more nuanced stance.

    In 2019, during Trump’s Presidency, the former President’s Senior Advisor & son in law Jared Kushner floated the idea of a federal cryptocurrency to his colleague, then Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. While nothing concrete appears to have emerged out of these discussions, it’s interesting to see the ideas & policies which Trump’s inner circle were exploring during his tenure in office.


    No - Trump has never launched a token. There are a number of meme or spam tokens which use his name as a ticker. These were launched at varying points over the last few years - some during the recent memecoin frenzy which saw PEPE’s price skyrocket, others during the heights of the 2021 bull market, in which tokens like SHIB and DOGE saw a rise to prominence.

    While Donald Trump does not have an official coin tied to his name, the crypto landscape is dotted with tokens inspired by the former President. Some of these include TRUMP, TRUMPCEO, TRUMPARMY, and DTC.

    Among these, TRUMP, built on the Ethereum blockchain, distinguishes itself with a notable trading volume compared to its rivals - and presently stands at an $11M market cap.

    Note: None of these tokens are endorsed by or associated with Donald Trump.


    While Trump’s last known public comments about crypto in 2021 were net negative, his actions in 2022 in the NFT market demonstrate an openness to participate in opportunities in the crypto economy where they present themselves. While we don’t know if Trump has actually changed his stance on the widespread adoption of technologies like Bitcoin, his involvement in NFT ventures show a willingness to do business in the space., It’s worth noting that Trump’s comments in 2021 were political, whereas his NFT activities appear to be strictly business. In any case, it's worth noting that his $1.65M portfolio is a drop in the ocean relative to his $2.6B net worth. Track Donald Trump on Arkham here

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