Visualizing the DeFi Activities of 0xSifu

October 11, 2022

Serial fraudster or loveable rogue?

0xSifu is the online pseudonym of Michael Patryn, formerly known as Omar Dhanani. Patryn has had his hands in a number of projects. He Cofounded the failed QuadrigaCX with Gerald Cotten - the subject of a popular Netflix documentary entitled ‘Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King’ - which at one point was Canada’s largest Cryptocurrency exchange & later uncovered to be a Ponzi Scheme. 

Denying being a party to QuadrigaCX’s fraudulent activities, Patryn later moved to join Daniele Sestagalli as Wonderland Money’s pseudonymous CFO, managing up to $1 billion in Wonderland’s treasury. When later outed as Patryn to the world, the ‘Frog Nation’ community associated with Sestagalli’s ecosystem melted away and his projects Wonderland Money, Popsicle Finance & Abracadabra Money took a hit in reputation, as market participants withdrew at the revelation of Patryn’s involvement.

Unvexed, the relentless Sifu has not stopped building and this year, launched the $SIFU token named after himself, as well as UWU Lend, a money market protocol on Ethereum with over $50 million in Total Value Locked (TVL) at time of writing. Besides his prowess as a builder, Sifu is prolific across the Cryptocurrency ecosystem and has his hands in a number of different projects, protocols and ecosystems across the entire space.

Using Arkham’s visualizer tool, currently available to all Beta participants, we looked at Sifu’s activities across the ecosystem and visualized all of his transactions above $10,000 from his last 1000 transactions, to see who his counterparties have been and what light this may shine on Sifu’s ongoing approach to & strategies in DeFi.

(Source: Arkham)

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