Visualizer V4: Expansion Pack is Now Live!

April 10, 2023

The Visualizer V4: Expansion Pack is now live on the Arkham Platform!


Today, we’re increasing the power of everyone’s favorite feature by allowing users to investigate using network analysis in even greater detail than before:

First, we've added a Cursor Sidebar to the right-hand-side of the Visualizer Display. Users can swap between cursor modes to expand a node they’re looking at, add/remove nodes from the display, and lock nodes into place. Let's walk through the new modes:


Underneath normal mode is a cursor that users can select to split and reform entities. Simply select the cursor in the sidebar - one click will split nodes, while two clicks will reform them. This should prevent any unfortunate users from misclicking into an account page!


We're excited to bring these improvements to the Visualizer to help enhance and streamline your network analysis. Be on the lookout for more updates soon!