The US Government is now an Entity on Arkham

May 5, 2023


The US Government currently custodies over $6B in BTC on-chain. Their holdings comprise BTC seized from 3 events:

>2020 Seizure from Silk Road - 69.37K BTC

>2022 Seizure from Bitfinex Hack - 94.64K BTC

>2022 Seizure from James Zhong - 51.326K BTC

Track these wallets with Arkham.

Silk Road BTC was seized in late 2020 from a hacker known as Individual X, who had stolen it from the Silk Road marketplace in from 2012 to 2013. The BTC is currently held in custody by the FBI. Source

The BTC from Silk Road is held in a single wallet:


This wallet holds 69,369 BTC, worth just over $2B at current prices.


In 2016, the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex was hacked for over 100K BTC. This was traced by US officials to over 2000 BTC addresses owned by Ilya Lichtenstein, a Russian-US national from New York. US Law enforcement seized over 94K BTC from Lichtenstein in Jan 2022.


Bitfinex BTC seized by the FBI is held in the following wallet:


This wallet holds 94,643 BTC, worth over $2.7B at current prices.


James Zhong, another individual who hacked Silk Road, was investigated in 2021-2022, with over 50K BTC surrendered to the US Department of Justice (DoJ). 4 different wallets currently hold a total of 51,326 BTC, seized from James Zhong in 2022.