Private Labels Dashboard is Live!

May 2, 2023

We're excited to announce the Private Labels Dashboard!


One of the features that sets Arkham apart is the ability for users to simply and efficiently add custom labels to on-chain addresses. We’ve now built on top of this ability with even more features.

Addresses on Arkham can be categorized in multiple different ways. The first - Entities. Arkham's platform allows users to create multiple different wallet groups, known as ‘entities’ - to which multiple addresses can be added. An entity is a group of wallets that are all associated with the same institution or individual’s crypto addresses.

Arkham’s database already contains a number of predefined entities, but users can also use EVM or non-EVM addresses to create their own. An individual’s custom entities, as well as their private labels, are only viewable on their personal instance of Arkham. This means they cannot be seen by other users or the Arkham team, unless shared.


Our Entity Page is one subsection of the Private Labels Dashboard. From here, users can view and edit their custom entities, and also examine modified Arkham entities that they’ve added additional wallets to.

Each individual entity page (see below) contains a list of wallets that make up the entity, and their individual labels. Arkham will also display some useful modules for the user to review recent transactions and top counterparties as they relate to the selected entity.


Secondly, addresses on Arkham can also be categorized by labels. Labels apply to specific addresses, and do not encompass wallet groups like entities. They can be used to simply name the address, if users do not wish to associate it with other wallets.

We hope that you find the Private Labels Dashboard useful and insightful, and look forward to delivering additional features soon!