Options Data is Live on Arkham

February 29, 2024

We’ve added 6 new financial units covering options data to the Dashboard page.Users can now see data on BTC and ETH options - including volume, open Interest, and implied volatility - across a variety of strike prices, expirations and 4 separate exchanges.

Top Volume Options

Shows options products with the highest volume on a selected exchange over the past 24h.Can be sorted to show puts, calls, or both.


Volume/Open Interest by Strike/Expiry

Shows a graph of options volume or open interest for different products.This can be sorted by strike price or expiry to show data at different prices or dates.



Put/Call Ratio

Shows the ratio of calls to puts for options volume/open interest on a selected exchange.


Term Structure & Order Book Skew

Shows the average implied volatility (IV) of options prices, sorted by either expiry (term structure) or strike price (order book skew).



Here are two sample dashboards using BTC and ETH data from Deribit for you to get started with:

BTC Options Data

ETH Options Data