March 21, 2024


As part of our collaboration with Consensys, we’ve just added support for Linea to the Arkham platform. Here’s what this means for Arkham users on Linea: All existing Arkham features now integrate Linea data.

> Examine Linea Entities and track their wallet holdings

> Watch Bridging activity, Swaps and Lending on Linea

> Search for on-chain transactions and monitor activity in real-time

> Set Alerts and Visualizations for prominent funds, exchanges and individuals with funds on Linea

For instance - here’s one of the largest individual bridge transactions to Linea. You can see account 0x2Ce bridging over $4.83 million in ETH in a single transaction - and watch it appear on the other side.


You can now create your own custom Dashboards using Linea data. Here’s one we made on their DeFi ecosystem, including recent borrowing and lending activity on Mendi Finance, as well as the largest transactions on SyncSwap. Try out this Linea Dashboard for yourself here.


Set Alerts to be informed of real-time movements or Visualize entities to see their transaction history in a new light. Here’s one of the largest entities we found active on Linea:


And that’s just scratching the surface of the myriad of use cases that can now be applied to Linea, such as:

> Assessing counterparties

> Understanding user behavior

> Tracking portfolio performance and treasury disbursements

> Monitoring whale activity

> Conducting token distribution analysis

We look forward to seeing all the ways Linea’s ecosystem of dapps and community of users put our data and tools to work. Linea data is currently live on the Arkham platform. Try it out for yourself right now starting with our Linea entity.