Genesis GBTC Redemption Wallets are now on Arkham

April 5, 2024

Genesis Trading have redeemed GBTC shares worth over 32,000 BTC ($2.1B) over the past 3 weeks, as part of their ongoing bankruptcy process. The redeemed BTC has been sent to two specific Bitcoin wallets, now labeled on Arkham:

1LrwYH6jhn5hejM6ANAhMq5QWJD4QRWMGb - 24.04K BTC

1AqhptcDF9NqDnrTfUv6Q4uWH5Czx4C3r3 - 8K BTC

This comes recently after Genesis settled with Gemini to return approximately $2B of funds to ~232,000 affected users of Gemini Earn.

Track these Genesis Bitcoin wallets on Arkham:

Wallet 1 ($1.6B BTC)

Wallet 2: ($530M BTC)