Chat Rooms: Arkham's Newest Feature!

October 30, 2023


Now all entity and token pages have chat rooms on Arkham - you can engage directly with other users on the platform who are interested in that community or page. Earn points for verifying your entity page and engaging in chats.

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Chat can be accessed from the bottom right of any token page or entity/address profile. Use it to:


Imagine there’s been a protocol hack or scam/rugpull - collaborate on Arkham with the other sleuths investigating the same addresses that you are. Looking to make a trade on a specific token? Talk to other traders & see what the community thinks of your idea.


Chats are unique for each address/entity/token page. Simply head over to the entity/address/token you’re interested in - and dive straight into the conversation. We’ve linked the Bitcoin token page here - head over to get acquainted with Chat and meet other Arkham users.