Arkham’s Swaps Feature is Now Live!

October 12, 2023

We’ve added support for DeFi data to Arkham. You can now track token swaps and on-chain trades for any address on Arkham. Found a smart on-chain trader? Interested in finding new DEXes on different chains? Select the Swaps panel next to the Transactions log to review recent trades & DEX usage in a single click.

Txns Log

Arkham’s Swaps Feature logs all transactions that emit the swap() event across any Arkham-supported blockchain. This means that you can see transactions across every chain that Arkham supports, and many more DEX protocols.

Swaps 2

You can filter Swaps in the same way as Transactions: search for specific coins, order by USD Value to see the largest swaps made by an account, & more! Check out the Symbolic Capital Partners entity to see swaps in action.