Arkham's Dashboards V2 are now live!

June 6, 2023

Arkham's Dashboards V2 are now live!


Our team has made a sweeping UI update, as well as adding much more functionality for you all to enjoy. Let’s take a look at what’s changed:

Dashboard 1

Firstly, if you haven't used Dashboards before, the Dashboard page allows you to create a custom view of various on-chain metrics. It provides you with tools & modules which you can arrange as you like, to show the behavior of different addresses and entities.

We've overhauled the UI of our Dashboards page - all of your existing dashboards, as well as the homepage, are now available as a horizontal scroll-bar at the top. Furthermore, we increased the size of the dashboards from 4x4 to 6x4, giving users more space to add relevant data and information to the sidebars.

Dashboard 2

Our engineers built the Dashboard Page to allow users to seamlessly form custom interfaces - this is now far easier thanks to the drag+drop feature. To rearrange your dashboard, simply pull a module over from where it has been dropped - other modules will automatically move over. See below for an example:

Dashboard 3

If you were a frequent user of dashboards before the update, all of your favorite modules are still present. This includes the Portfolio Balance chart, token portfolio breakdown, as well as transaction log and the tracked entities interface. You can delve deep into precise portfolio breakdowns and token movements of specific addresses and entities. And with more cells - you can add even more data.

Dashboard 4

Dashboard 5

Arkham Dashboards’ newest features include a suite of tools to analyze aggregate token data and fetch at-a-glance metrics for any supported token. New modules include scrollable price charts and exchange flow data, top holders, as well as lists of largest 24 hour flows.

Dashboard 6

These new modules are perfect for reviewing generalized token performance as well as entity tracking. To quickly reference, Arkham’s custom modules fetch information such as Token Price, Market Cap, 24h Volume and Circulating Supply.

Dashboard 7

Arkham’s Dashboards are fully custom and individual, so try creating some yourself! Here are some links to example Arkham dashboards created by our community, to get started: