Announcing Arkham X TradingView

August 22, 2023

Arkham is excited to announce a partnership with TradingView!

We’re partnering with TradingView to add their charts and token pricing API to the Arkham Platform, bringing even more functionality to Arkham users.

TradingView is the top charting service in the world, with a platform that aggregates data from hundreds of feeds and tracks more than 1.35M different instruments, letting users explore the cryptocurrency market to its fullest. We’re keen to support TradingView’s products directly on Arkham to connect our community with their comprehensive technical analysis, advanced tools, charts, crypto screener, and real-time data.

Working with TradingView allows us to integrate the gold-standard in charting software into Arkham’s Token Pages, providing the Arkham community and TradingView’s over 50M existing users with a one-stop shop to review large transactions, examine relevant entities, and check recent price movements - all on a single Arkham feature page.

We’re also working with TradingView on the backend by migrating Token Page pricing data over to TradingView’s API. This allows us to offer charts and price modules in higher detail: by hour, minute, or even second. This also means we can integrate charts for tokens only listed on DEXes, with price information sourced directly from on-chain oracles.

This is a big step forward for our vision of a transparent and data-driven future for crypto. This partnership with TradingView means more data for Arkham Users, more utility for Token Pages, and more comprehensive pricing information for our Platform.

Professional charting software and highly-accurate price data play a big part in turning Arkham’s Token Page from a basic information dashboard into an advanced data suite - specifically built for traders.

Visit any of our Token Pages in order to try out our new integration with TradingView on Arkham. And stay tuned for future announcements about additional elements of our strategic collaboration.