Announcing Arkham X Polygon

January 25, 2023

Arkham is excited to announce a collaboration with Polygon!

Polygon will be added to the Arkham Platform, representing a significant step toward building our vision for ‘Total Crypto Intelligence’ across all blockchains. Support for Polygon’s EVM, proof of stake chain will go live in Q1 of this year (TBC) and will enable Arkham users to examine the activities of wallets & entities in the Polygon ecosystem, in addition to Ethereum based ones.

Polygon represents one of the most notable blockchain ecosystems, with over 2.5 million token transfers daily worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and over 213 million unique addresses - all of which will soon be available to examine through Arkham.

They have also seen several recent successes in bridging the gap between traditional companies and Web 3. In July 2022, Polygon announced a partnership with Disney to expand the entertainment giant’s presence in NFTs. In September 2022, Starbucks announced that they would use Polygon’s technology to integrate blockchain into their customer rewards program. And in April of the same year, Stripe, the leader in Web 2 payments, announced that their first iteration of crypto payments would take place on Polygon. By expanding to Polygon, Arkham will give users the unprecedented ability to monitor and analyze a chain both popular amongst crypto enthusiasts, as well as the growing body of non-crypto native Web 3 activities.

Arkham’s integration of multiple chains into a single platform opens new possibilities for on-chain research. Users will be able to observe a single entity’s activity across multiple chains, painting a more complete picture of their crypto presence. Additionally, Arkham’s ability to analyze labeled entities, transaction-level data, aggregated analysis, flows of funds, counterparty networks, alerts for any definable activity, and a data-enriched block explorer, brings cohesion and clarity to an increasingly complex world of blockchain. We look forward to taking our next steps with Polygon as a partner.