Announcing Arkham X Optimism

January 27, 2023

Arkham is excited to announce a partnership with Optimism!

Optimism will be added to the Arkham Platform and represents yet another step toward building our vision for ‘Total Crypto Intelligence’ across all blockchains. Support for the Ethereum equivalent optimistic rollup will go live and enable Arkham users to examine the activities of wallets and entities in the Optimism ecosystem.

Optimism has experienced explosive growth over the past year, going from roughly 150,000 to over 2.6 million unique addresses, with an all-time high of over 800K transactions in a single day. Additionally, the ecosystem currently holds over $750 million of total value locked, $600 million of stablecoins, and is the first significant optimistic rollup bringing scalability to Ethereum through its Layer 2 blockchain. Optimism allows users to process transactions at lightning speed for nominal transaction fees, all while offering the security and reliability of Ethereum as the settlement layer.

We are thrilled to expand our coverage of the Web 3 world by adding support for one of the most significant advancements in blockchain technology in recent years. Partnering with Optimism brings a community of builders & crypto enthusiasts whom we’re excited to see using Arkham - and going multichain opens new possibilities for on-chain research and analysis, allowing users to observe a single entity’s activity across multiple chains, thereby painting a more complete picture of their crypto activities.

We look forward to taking our next steps with Optimism as a partner!