Announcing Arkham X Avalanche

January 26, 2023

Arkham is excited to announce a partnership with Avalanche!

Support for Avalanche will be added to the Arkham Platform, giving users the ability to examine the activities of wallets and entities in the Avalanche ecosystem. Taking this step brings us yet closer to our vision of ‘Total Crypto Intelligence’, through expansive coverage of different blockchains on the Arkham platform.

Avalanche represents a significant & growing blockchain ecosystem - with over 4.7 million unique wallet addresses, processing tens of millions of dollars in transactions every day. Avalanche has long been known as one of the most pioneering places for DeFi protocols and blockchain gaming, and with their January 2023 announcement of a partnership with Amazon Web Services, Avalanche is also taking strides in bridging the gap between the established providers and the emerging Web 3 space. Expanding to Avalanche will accomplish our goals in catering to the needs of crypto natives, as well as those established organizations looking to enter the Web 3 space.

Integrating Avalanche blockchain data into the Arkham platform will give users the ability to paint a more thorough and complete picture of an entity’s cryptocurrency activity. Arkham is excited to see what our users will find and the alpha they’ll generate through this expanded coverage and we look forward to working more closely with the Avalanche ecosystem in the future!