Arkham Token Pages Are Live!

May 16, 2023

We’re excited to announce the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Arkham’s Token Pages!


Token pages allow users to gain insights from any token across blockchains supported by Arkham. Users can quickly research tokens across multiple blockchains on Arkham’s Platform.

Arkham’s Token Pages aggregate the most important transaction data for whichever token you choose to investigate. Let’s put the Token Page to the test, with the hit memecoin “PEPE” as an example.


First: The top bar shows important metrics for the coin, such as Price, Supply, Market Cap, Volume, and also All Time High/Low prices. Hit the blue “Visualize” (top right) to view a network analysis of the top PEPE holders.



This is a new way of using the Visualizer. Rather than showing the 1000 most relevant transactions, it will instead display the most relevant holders - and any connecting transactions. Use this to find links between large wallets, or the source of funds for interesting whales.


The panels on the left display aggregated recent flows (top) and top holders (bottom). The top panel displays the addresses with highest inflows and outflows over a set period of time. By default this is 1 hour, but can be modified to show data over the past day, week or month.


Beneath this are the top entities and addresses across all chains that hold this token. Alongside is shown the amount of PEPE they hold, and its corresponding USD value. Use this to find top team wallets, or interesting whales!


All transactions using this token are shown in a panel to the bottom right, which can be further filtered to investigate specific movements of the PEPE token. Token Pages aggregate token contracts across all blockchains supported by Arkham.


Cross-chain tokens often use different contracts for their bridged deployments. By default, the Token Page shows data aggregated across all networks and contracts. Users can filter for specific networks using the button on the top right.


Input any token name or address into the search bar at the top to access Arkham's Token Page. Then, select the corresponding result from the new subheading “COINS”.


Token Pages are live right now: so dive in and start exploring Tokens on Arkham!