Arkham Archive is Live!

March 21, 2023

We’re releasing one of our most requested features to date: the Arkham Archive.


Entering the Archive lets you view a person or institution’s exact crypto portfolio at any point in its history - giving you the ability to track their portfolio decisions over time. Previously you could only piece together historical portfolios by laboriously combing through transactions. Now you can instantly retrieve and compare balances and holdings from any point in time.


Currently, we display a balance-over-time graph for any address or entity. It allows you to view prior balances in USD value for an address over time. Ex. this is Jump Trading’s Balances History graph:


You can zoom in here to view interesting peaks and troughs in their balance, which then auto-filters the Transaction Panel to find txs for that time range.


The Archive expands upon this functionality. Users are able to view every token held by an address - at any point in time - to easily see whether balance changes are due to incoming transactions or price action.


Arkham will also process and show important information relevant to that date, such as balance changes, daily incomings and outgoings, and token price movements. Viewing the exact token holdings allows users to better understand what the balance data actually represents.

You no longer have to spend hours trawling through transaction logs and raw data. Instead, point to a time, and see exactly what was held on that address, on that date. Arkham cuts through the noise.