Arkham Alerts 2.0 is live!

September 8, 2023

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We’ve upgraded the original alerts tab to bring you all a bunch of powerful new features. Let’s see what’s changed:

Alerts 1

You can now:

Alerts 2

We’ve streamlined the Alerts creation process, with a completely new UI to make it easier to configure each Alert filter that you use. You can also preview your Alerts before you push them live, with Alert examples shown at the bottom of the creation panel.

Alerts 3

Click the ‘View All Alerts’ button in the sidebar to find the new ‘All Alerts’ tab. Here you can manage existing alerts, and review all of your active and paused alerts with all of their current filters.

Alerts 4

If you need some guidance on what to track, check out the featured alerts on the top bar of the alerts homepage - just click +Add to add one to your account. Currently featured alerts are:

Try Alerts 2.0 here.