Arbitrum is live on Arkham!

March 24, 2023

We’re pleased to announce our addition of Arbitrum to the Arkham Platform!


Now anyone can use Arkham to examine blockchain data & transactions in the Arbitrum ecosystem. Here’s why we’re excited for this one & how Arbitrum users stand to benefit from our collaboration. Arkham will now enable you to:


Arbitrum has come a long way since the days of ArbiNyan in 2021, and now encompasses a fully-fledged ecosystem with almost $2B in TVL. It’s a chain of choice for many in DeFi, demonstrated by the flurry of activity and excitement surrounding Arbitrum’s long-awaited airdrop yesterday.


Let’s take a look at some specific protocols to see Arbitrum on Arkham in action: The on-chain derivatives exchange GMX is the largest protocol on Arbitrum by TVL. With Arkham, we can track specific users of this protocol and watch where they increase or decrease positions.


This trader achieved profits of over $3M in the past week, across 13 different trades. We can filter their transactions to see only those interacting with GMX. Then we can set Alerts on this address to notify us of when they are making a trade.


Arbitrum’s native Decentralized Exchange Camelot DEX has also seen massive expansion into the Arbitrum Ecosystem this year. With Arkham’s Dashboards feature, we can see some of the largest recent trades made by holders of GRAIL - Camelot’s native token.


Arkham’s integration with Arbitrum will bring new light to the ecosystem. We're glad to have the Arbitrum community alongside us on this journey and excited to see what you all will find!