Announcing the Arkham Tracer!

September 26, 2023


Our latest feature lets you trace fund-flows across wallets & blockchains in a whole new chronological way. Want to track cross-chain movements of hacked funds, or outflows from a compromised bridge contract? No problem. With the Tracer, you can create, edit, and save multistage graphs - allowing you to completely map out fund flows from source to destination.

Tracer 2

This is a totally new feature for the platform, built especially for our community of sleuths. The Tracer, like other parts of Arkham, can be filtered and sorted to show only what you wish to see. Select token type, transaction amount, time, & more, to filter out any noise.

Tracer 3

Choose any on-chain entity or address - the Tracer will display a list of entity associations and their applicable transactions. This allows you to not only find, but also follow transaction flows across different wallets, in and out of bridge contracts - and even cross-chain.

The Transaction Tracer is live on Arkham for all users - try it out.