Announcing the Arkham API Pilot Program

August 2, 2023

Announcing the Arkham API Pilot Program

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We’re granting API access to members of our community through the API Pilot Program. The Pilot gives users access to the same API Arkham uses to serve data to the platform. The Arkham API provides direct query access to Ultra for sophisticated users to customize data flows & integrate them into their existing systems.
Ultra is the proprietary address matching engine that powers the Arkham Platform, by linking blockchain addresses to real-world entities. Through the API, users can write custom SQL queries to access a list of Arkham labels, as well as transaction logs & historical balance data for addresses and entities

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Links to our API access form are in the top-right corner of both our Platform and main website. Fill out the form to submit your details to apply for API access. Once access is granted, you'll receive a unique API key and a link to our API documentation by email.

If you’re ready to apply for the API Pilot Program, fill out the access form linked here.