Announcing Arkham's Partnership with Trust Wallet

August 4, 2023

Announcing Arkham's Partnership with Trust Wallet!


We’re partnering with Trust Wallet to bring their over 60 million users to the Arkham ecosystem. You can now connect your Trust Wallet to Arkham, & monitor all transactions and balances in your Trust Wallet through your Arkham Profile. For further details, please read our announcement on Twitter.

Connecting Trust Wallet to Arkham

1. Download and set up the Trust Wallet browser extension through this link.


2. Login to Arkham and navigate to your personal profile:


3. Click '+' to link an external account:


4. Select 'TRUST WALLET' from the list of options:


5. Click 'Connect Trust Wallet' to initiate the connection process:


6. A window will pop up asking for permission - click 'Connect' to proceed:


7. Click 'Add [unique address]' to finalize the connection:


You should now see the transactions and balances from your Trust Wallet reflected within your Profile, aggregated with any other external accounts you've linked!