Announcing Arkham x Wormhole

April 10, 2024

We’re teaming up with Wormhole to use their interoperability platform for the Arkham Intel Exchange and integrate our labels into Wormholescan.

We’ve chosen to use Wormhole’s messaging protocol to enable token transfers for the Arkham Intel Exchange, starting with transfers between Ethereum and Solana. Additionally, our address labels will be integrated directly into the Wormhole ecosystem explorer, Wormholescan, for greater transaction visibility and analytics for Arkham and Wormholescan users.

With over $41B of volume transferred across Wormhole’s Portal bridge to date, Wormhole plays an essential role in helping tokens, protocols and dApps connect seamlessly across blockchains. As a leading cross-chain messaging protocol, Wormhole enables blockchains written in different programming languages to communicate with one another.

Their array of products like Portal, Gateway, Connect, and NTT help companies attract more users and liquidity by making it easier and more efficient for engineers to build cross-chain. This allows users of Wormhole to transfer fungible tokens and NFTs across supported blockchains.

Our collaboration with Wormhole is another significant milestone for Arkham - a critical component of our expansion into the Solana ecosystem. We’re pleased to take this step alongside Wormhole and look forward to working with their team and community to continue building together.

Users can stay up to date with the latest on our joint effort by following @ArkhamIntel on Twitter.