Announcing Arkham x TON

May 2, 2024

We’re partnering with The Open Network (TON) to bring Arkham data to millions of TON & Telegram users. We will be adding TON support to the Arkham platform, and provide Telegram users lightning-fast access to Arkham through a Telegram-native Mini App.

TON is a global blockchain network originally developed by Telegram, to provide their user base with a payments system accessible directly through the Telegram app. Adding TON support to Arkham shines a light on the ecosystem activity of over $150M of Total Value Locked (TVL) on TON, as well as almost $20 Billion of value in native TON. 

TON is a top-10 network by market cap, and is in direct proximity to hundreds of millions of Telegram users. Telegram users can easily access payment functionality natively through the Wallet app, and will soon be able to access a similar Mini App providing direct access to Arkham data.

Telegram is one of the most well-known messaging apps in the crypto community, with millions of crypto native users worldwide. We share the vision outlined by Pavel Durov, the Founder of Telegram, as outlined in his Token 2049 Keynote - and see our collaboration with TON as a logical next step for Arkham - one which allows us to not only provide free crypto data for one of the top blockchain networks in the industry, but also provide greater access to Arkham through one of crypto’s most-used apps.

We look forward to building with TON to make Arkham the go-to blockchain intelligence tool for TON and Telegram users.