Announcing Arkham x SPACE ID

May 7, 2024

We’re teaming up with SPACE ID to bring their domains to Arkham.

SPACE ID is a cross-chain domain and identity platform that facilitates and indexes user-owned address tags. SPACE ID aggregates different name services for each blockchain.

To start, we’re adding support for the BNB Name Service, which, behind ENS, is the second largest name service indexed by SPACE ID. BNB domains can be registered, purchased, and traded by users who wish to acquire names for their accounts, just like ENS.

With this integration, we’re pleased to add visibility to more than 500,000 user-owned address labels on Arkham, giving exposure to user-account names across the BNB Chain ecosystem.

You will soon be able to see .bnb domains tagged as address labels on Arkham, enabling users to see these names applied to their activity across all EVM chains.