Announcing Arkham x Ninja Traders

May 22, 2024

We’re partnering with Ninja Traders to bring their elite community of traders our best-in-class onchain data, tooling and analysis.

Ninja Traders is Turkey’s leading crypto trading group. They’ve built a vibrant community from beyond just Turkey - and comprise an ecosystem of news, tooling and educational products. These include ‘Ninja Tools’, a trading terminal, ‘Ninja News’, a breaking news feed and multiple channels including ‘Ninja Squad’ and their popular YouTube/Telegram channels.

We’ve already worked with them to co-host a meetup in Istanbul - as well as onboarding them to our API program to integrate our labels into their trading terminal. This partnership expands our existing relationship. Going forward we’ll be collaborating on research, exploring additional integrations, and co-hosting events to bring top onchain wizards and crypto traders together for more alpha.

We’re committed to serving traders with the highest-quality crypto data in real-time. We’re proud that such a large number of our users come from Turkey - a hotspot for crypto adoption, and with the help of Ninja Traders, will continue educating traders worldwide on the best ways that onchain data can be used to find alpha in crypto.

Stay up to date with the latest on this partnership through our X account.