Announcing Arkham X Consensys

February 1, 2024

We’re teaming up with Consensys in support of their Scale Program to integrate Linea within our platform and add our labels to MetaMask via MetaMask Snaps.

Linea is a leading Layer-2 solution for Ethereum bootstrapped by Consensys. By adding support for Linea, Arkham will be providing data on over $173M of Total Value Locked (TVL), as well as the over 2.6M unique addresses on-chain - enhancing the transparency and accessibility of multi-chain crypto data for everyone.

Additionally, we’re working with Consensys to integrate Arkham labels into MetaMask through MetaMask Snaps. MetaMask is the leading crypto hot wallet, with 22M downloads as of last Summer. Arkham will be launching a MetaMask Snap which allows users to see Arkham entity labels directly in MetaMask.

Consensys has been a pivotal player in our industry for many years. Founded by Joseph Lubin, an Ethereum Cofounder, they’ve built and scaled a number of projects used by crypto natives worldwide. We’re very excited to be adding support for their chain Linea and to be bringing Arkham data to the leading crypto wallet worldwide. This is a big step forward for our vision of expanding transparency and access to data across all blockchains and we’re delighted to be taking this step with Consensys by our side.

We will be announcing further details regarding the go-live for Linea and MetaMask Snaps in the near future. Stay tuned.