Announcing Arkham Tag Pages!

December 20, 2023

Tag Pages

You can now see a list of the top entities, addresses and balances for any tag on Arkham.

Tags 2

Tag pages show a list of the top entities for any tag placed on an entity/address by our team. Reminder: Tags are descriptions about an addresses’ past activities. They’re the brief phrases like ‘Fund’, ‘Uniswap Pool Deployer’ or ‘Early AAVE Holder’ found on Arkham profile pages.

Tags 3

Click on a tag to enter its associated tag page. There you’ll see a list of the top entities affiliated with that tag, sorted by largest Balance in USD.

Tags 4

Once you’re on a Tag page, you can also see other tags associated with any entity - simply check the All Tags column or hover over the blue filter to see all of the other tags associated with that entity.

Tags 5

Head over to any entity on Arkham, click on a tag & check out its tag page today.