AI Entity Predictions are now live on Arkham!

October 10, 2023

Our newest feature significantly expands the number of labels on Arkham - and provides users with our AI model’s best prediction as to who the owner of an address might be. You will now see a new type of entity surrounded by a purple bubble with a question mark logo. Here’s an example:


Previously, Arkham only showed very high confidence entity labels - denoted by an Arkham Verified badge with a blue check. Entity Predictions are lower-confidence than Arkham Verified entities, but they provide helpful clues as to the likely owner of an address.

Blue Verif

If you have intelligence to confirm or dispute an entity prediction, hover over the entity’s name to reveal a tooltip. Click on the “Dispute” button to access the Intel Submissions Typeform - where you can submit information on the label or address.


The entity predictions feature has been hotly requested by our community - now anyone can review and provide feedback on prospective labels for prominent entities. This opens another avenue for us to collaborate with our users, enhancing everyone’s access to useful crypto data.

Try it out: here’s an example of an entity prediction.