7 Leading Bitcoin Miners now on Arkham

April 13, 2024

We’ve added some of the largest public US/Canadian BTC Miners to Arkham - with a combined market cap of $12.71B. Many traders consider these entities highly valuable to track on-chain for information relevant to their earnings performance.

These miners collectively hold $2.79B in Bitcoin across 782 separate wallets.We are the first to publicly identify their addresses on-chain, which include Marathon, CleanSpark, Riot, Cipher Mining and others.

Full list of Public US/Canadian Miners tagged on Arkham:

Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA):

-Market Cap: $4.31B
-BTC Holdings: $1.13B
-Arkham Link

CleanSpark (CLSK):

-Market Cap: $3.35B
-BTC Holdings: $195.8M
-Arkham Link

Riot Platforms (RIOT):

-Market Cap: $2.31B
-BTC Holdings: $583.8M
-Arkham Link

Cipher Mining (CIFR):

-Market Cap: $1.13B
-BTC Holdings: $88.1M
-Arkham Link

Hut 8 Corp (HUT):

-Market Cap: $720M
-BTC Holdings: $608.8M
-Arkham Link

Bitfarms (BITF):

-Market Cap: $630M
-BTC Holdings: $28.1M
-Arkham Link

HIVE Digital Technologies (HIVE):

-Market Cap: $260M
-BTC Holdings: $156M
-Arkham Link

Arkham BTC Miner dashboard: